Taking Care of Home

Housework: Better than a day of shopping. At least in my world.

Besides Idris Elba’s beautiful face, housework makes me warm and tingly.

My Suzy Homemaker side has been in full effect for the past two weeks: I’ve vacuumed or swept the floors, washed all the towels, and scrubbed down the microwave, just to name a few things. I’m so into it. I even got excited unloading the dishes out of the washer–they were so sparkly and clean and pretty that I couldn’t help but swoon. Don’t laugh: Only a homemaker appreciates the value of a good rinse agent.

For me, cleaning up is about more than just presenting a clean space to guests or preventing dust from gathering on the shelves. It’s about taking care of my space, taking pride in my domain and creating a relaxing, peaceful environment with which to surround myself. Sometimes I get annoyed that others in my household don’t clean up, but at the same time, I know I’m the best person for the job. Not only that, but I really do enjoy it. I can vacuum that floor like nobody’s business.

This week, I plan to extend my homemaking kick into the kitchen. I’m going to bake a cake from scratch, complete with homemade whipped icing. Maybe Idris will come for dessert? A girl can dream.