Your Intuition Speaks. Are You Listening?


To be direct with yourself, to stare into your own eyes and admit that you want more, need more is to break ground on the path to inner peace. It is better to be honest with yourself than to waste time rationalizing what you know isn’t right for you. It is better to say no–knowing you will be hurt, restless, and sad but ultimately happy–than to say yes only to avoid the pain of letting go. You cannot be at peace with yourself if you ignore your inner yearning, the often soft but persistent that voice that begs for your attention.

It’s too easy, though, to disregard your desire for change. The status quo is much more comfortable. Even as you long to explore the unpredictable yet intriguing world around you, you relish familiar turf, for you know what to expect, what to say, what to do there. It seems too costly to fix what for sure is broken, so broken it remains, much like your heart. Much like your spirit.

But that’s not fair. If you settle for what feels easy when you want more, you’re cheating yourself out of a chance to be fulfilled. You’re bequeathing your right to contentment to someone or something that may not be worth your time, energy, money, or affection. All the while, that inner voice cries out in darkness. You deserve more, and you won’t get it until you listen.

If you’re struggling to remove yourself from a undesirable situation, ask yourself this: How long will I do absolutely nothing about my unhappiness? How long will I make someone else’s feelings more important than my own? How much will I have to lose before I realize I can’t take it anymore? Hopefully, you make the change you so deeply desire before it’s too late. Hopefully, you allow your intuition to have its rightful say in your happiness. Though the initial pain may be great, the rewards of brazen honesty with yourself–clarity, confidence, dignity–are far greater.


4 thoughts on “Your Intuition Speaks. Are You Listening?

  1. Nina! You are so bang on. It`s all about removing those rose coloured glassess and seeing things the way they really are. It’s not easy; in fact it can be very painful, but it leads to the most amazing understanding of yourself. Who you really, truly are, and what really matters to you. We only have one chance at life; one kick at the bucket, and we need to make it have meaning, for ourselves. First and foremost. Once you have reached that place, you can grow and become the person you were always meant to be. Only then can you find it in yourself to reach out to others. You are miles ahead for your age. You have no idea. Good for you to have come to this understanding so early in your life. It speaks to your incredible insight. Most people can never hope to get to where you are at. It took me much longer. Our intuition speaks softly, but it speaks volumes. I don’t know you, but I am proud of you. Only 2% get to where you are at. You are way ahead of the game. I recommend you read about Dabrowski. You will be amazed.


    1. Hi L! Thank you so much. And you are so right. It hasn’t been easy learning to trust my intuition, but every time I do, I’m satisfied with the results. I will definitely look into Dabrowski.

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