30 Days of Personal Growth, Day 26: Who Will You Be Today?

No man can climb out beyond the limitations of his own character.
-John Morley

Who will you be on this journey called life? Will you be the person who…

  • Wakes up a few minutes earlier to get a fresh start on the day, or sleeps late
  • Holds others’ private information in confidence, or gossips about his or her friends
  • Takes appropriate action, or freaks out when things aren’t going right
  • Listens first, or judges others
  • Spends money recklessly, or saves for what she or he or really needs
  • Loves her body person, or despises it
  • Appreciates time to himself, or can’t stand to be alone
  • Listens to her own judgment, or needs everyone else’s approval or permission
  • Fears change, or embraces it
  • Speaks honestly, or pretends to be someone else
  • Pays attention, or ignores the present
  • Shows gratitude, or complains about everything
  • Keeps an open mind, or stays stuck in rigid ways
  • Cares about others, or only cares about self
  • Thinks realistically, or wants to be perfect
  • Gives compliments freely, or criticizes others
  • Lives in truth, or lives in denial or delusion
  • Takes no interest in tomorrow, or plans for a smoother future today
  • Uses time wisely, or procrastinates
  • Survives, or thrives

Who will you be today? Choose wisely.


4 thoughts on “30 Days of Personal Growth, Day 26: Who Will You Be Today?

  1. It is a choice we must make everyday, sometimes we choose wisely and other times not so much. It is always important to be the best you can be and improve from the day before. Nice post.

  2. The best part about each day…it is up to us how we are going to live it. We get to choose. Sometimes people feel like they don’t have a choice, but thats a copout. We do. Its a matter of perspective.
    Thanks for the post!

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