30 Days of Personal Growth, Day 16: 5 Quick Self-Esteem Boosters

Having a low opinion of yourself is not “modesty”. It’s self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not “egotism”. It’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success. ~Bobbe Sommer

Some days we need a reminder that we’re important, that we matter, that we can feel good about ourselves regardless of our circumstances. Here a five self-esteem boosters to brighten your day.

1. Accept that you’re a human being. This means you need to grow, move, eat, respond to stimuli, breathe, and excrete. We get so caught up in the details of life—career decisions, money, clothes, beauty—that we forget we’re just human. Go back to the basics. Remember that as a human being, you’re inherently imperfect. You’re going to make mistakes, some big, some small. That’s just part of the human experience. So instead of beating yourself up about not doing X or Y perfectly, remember that you’re only human—just like everyone else.

2. Realize you have a right to be here. Just by being a human being, you are intrinsically valuable, just as you are. You are entitled to breathe the same air as anyone else, and you are entitled to accept and love yourself. Take that knowledge and act on it. Don’t hide or lower your voice. Despite what society deems worthy, all human beings are of equal worth. No one is better or worse than you, regardless of money, status, education, looks, or anything.

3. Understand your self-worth is internal, not external. You don’t have a self-esteem switch on your arm that people can flick up and down at their leisure. People are going to say or do things you don’t like. They’re going to have attitudes, be mean, or be selfish. But you can choose to believe you’re worthy no matter what people do. It’s your choice to be happy or sad. Likewise, external things—your hair and makeup, clothes, credit score, education level—are bonuses, but are NOT indicators of your worth. Consider your worth fixed in spite of what goes on outside of you.

4. Be present. You spend 100% of your time with yourself, so why not turn some of your energy on the people and things around you? Look at the smallest details of things. Observe colors, patterns, and shapes. Observe people—without judging—and take in all the similarities and differences. Also, ask questions. That’s the easiest way to avoid negative thinking and start a conversation.

5. Be bold. Since you’re valuable whether you succeed or fail, have fun trying new things. Dance however you want by yourself or with someone. Walk around smiling just because it makes you feel good. Wear what you want as a reflection of who you are. Take bass lessons, go kayaking, try an art class. Look for fun things that will enrich your life experience. Lying in bed all day gets old.


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