Fresh and New

Sunrise in Jamaica.

On the last day of a much-needed, ridiculously fun Jamaican vacation, I woke up around 4:45 to watch the sun rise on the beach. I was tired, but as I strolled down the tranquil shore, I felt peace. I breathed deeply.

No playful entertainers or tourists crowded the beach. While fishermen’s boats bobbed on the crystal-clear water–which slid toward my feet like thin mercury under the burgeoning daylight–I soaked up the newness, the stillness of the morning. As the clouds drifted across the sky, I reveled in the sun’s breathtaking premiere. I witnessed this quiet rebirth of energy in awe.

How wonderful it is that we are gifted with a new day! How powerful and humbling it is to know that no matter what has happened the day before, the sun will continue to rise. The dawn will break, the waves will crash, the light will burst through the darkness. The new will come, and it’s up to us to embrace it.

As I enter my 26th year on this planet today, I feel incredibly grateful to see new moments. I feel happy that any intense pain I’ve ever felt no longer drains me–pain doesn’t last. I’ve even begun an internship for a cause I’m passionate about–humanism–and growing every minute with self-knowledge. The old is not forgotten, but the new deserves its honor.

Although I don’t know how much time I have under this sun, I know that the moment I’m living in is mine, and it’s worthwhile. And I also know that every single second of my life is an opportunity for newness: a new attitude, a new goal, a new smile. The past doesn’t have to confine me. Just as the sun rises with glorious newness, so can I. So can we all.


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