Where’s the Party? In Your Head


While trying on a pile of ill-fitting hipster clothes at the mall one afternoon, I heard some unrecognizable dance-pop chick sing about how the “party’s in [her] head.” At first I dismissed the ditty as just another disposable Ke$ha-style club banger, but when I listened closer, I found myself smiling at the lyrics:

I don’t care if the whole club is dead
The party’s in my head
If you won’t let me in
Dancing on the street instead
The party’s in my head

As I bobbed my head, I thought about the times I’ve gone out and had a great time, simply because I decided I would be upbeat. For example, when a few uncouth bouncers at a hot Vegas nightclub decided my sister wasn’t who her ID said she was (TSA apparently had no qualms), I made up my mind that I’d enjoy myself elsewhere, and I did. That’s because the good times weren’t in the club–they were in me, waiting for me to ignite them.

But the Swedish singer, September, wasn’t just talking about clubbing. She was talking about life.

Of course, you can’t control everything that happens to you. You can, however, control your thoughts about all of it. With your chin up and your confidence steady, you can accept the uncontrollable–the funky attitudes of others, the gray sky, the ever-rising gas prices–and draw from the well of peace burbling inside you. You choose your own purpose, happiness, excitement, fun, joy, contentment, fulfillment. Despite the naysayers, the wet blankets, and the party poopers, you host the show in your mind. When you live that truth, you don’t have to wait for anyone to let you “in.”

The party’s in your head. Turn up the music and dance.


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