Regroup, Refresh, Rebalance


Have you ever felt tired, drained, irritated for no reason? As if you had no clue what you were doing and why you were doing it?

That’s how I’ve been feeling.

I feel as if something is missing. What it is, I cannot point to. I just know that something seems off-balance. Maybe I’m having too much fun. Maybe I’m eating too much frozen yogurt and drinking too many ginger ales. A cutthroat professor? A phony death? Maybe I gambled too much in Vegas. Whatever it is, I’ve got to do something.

Now is a good time for me to inject something fresh into my life. Yoga? Meditation? I thought about visiting a Buddhist temple a few weeks ago, so perhaps I should look for one nearby. Or maybe I should attend an open mic or sing karaoke or go hiking.

I don’t have to stop there. I just have to get myself back in order.


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