Alphabetical Advice

Sometimes the most basic chunk of wisdom can carry you through the day. So, for your personal reflection–and hopefully, application–here are 26 inspirational nuggets, alphabet-style. Enjoy!


Accept that you can’t control everything.
Bring your own positive energy to the party.
Cherish the time you spend with family and friends.
Devote yourself to a drama-free life.
Educate yourself indiscriminately.
Fix problems before they worsen.
Gush over the simple pleasures.
Hold on to the passion you had as a child.
Invest in your talents.
Judge food and movies, not people.
Keep an emergency fund.
Listen when someone tells you about his or her struggles.
Measure happiness on your own scale.
Nourish yourself with whole foods.
Offer your seat to a person in need.
Pull your head up when you feel low.
Question the things you’ve believed for years.
Roll up your sleeves and try gardening.
Shake your tail a few times a week.
Trust yourself to make the right decision.
Unsubscribe from mindless gossip.
Vary your daily routine.
Write letters to your past and future selves.
X-press yourself honestly.
Yield to warnings.
Zip your lips and listen sometimes.

What other alphabetical advice can you think of?


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