Breakup Rx

When you break up with someone, you have to deal with the pain. No phone calls, texts, or emails. No calling from blocked numbers just to see if he’ll pick up. You have to face the agony head-on, like giving birth without an epidural. I’ve never had to do that, but I imagine it can’t feel any better than heartbreak.

The days will be long. You’ll spend your free time wishing you could just fall asleep but your body will refuse to. You’ll watch the clock, as if marking time will inspire a miraculous turnaround of events. As if you could take back your decision.

That text is just your sister sending pics from her vacation in Miami. The knock on the door is just your neighbor’s brother trying to sell you studded T-shirts and a so-called Gucci iPhone case. Don’t get that desperate.

Go outside. Walk. Feel the air, watch the people, smile at the squirrels. They’re all doing what you must continue to do—they’re living. When you go back inside, cry if you need to. Eat a brownie and drink a ton of water. Ok, white wine. Watch five minutes of a bad movie, then turn it off and watch something else. Cry some more, drink some more—water this time—and breathe. When all else fails, repeat.

It’ll be over soon.


2 thoughts on “Breakup Rx

  1. Thanks for following me…I’m actually going through a pseudo-breakup right now. Relationship in limbo, trying to determine what direction to go, if there even is one. This read was definitely timely!

    1. You’re welcome, and thanks for following me! Yes, I totally understand how that can go. It’s cliche, but you have to follow your gut. I hope everything works out for the best! 🙂

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